Applied Technologies Ltd., Bulgaria

We offer CNC machining of metal components under clients specifications.

“Applied Technologies is a new-age company and our key business objective is to continuously develop our know-how and follow the most innovative trends in the industry."

Quoting in 24 hours!

Thanks to our know-how in very fast programming, we can answer your RFQ without processing delay. We work 100% paper less and we take advantage in using cloud technologies.

Lot sizes from 1 to 500 pieces!

We have special offering for lot sizes from 10-100 and 100-500 pieces. /Bigger lot sizes above 100 pieces are also possible, but our machining capacity at this stage is limited and that must be taken into account/.

Unbeatable pricing!

We are most competitive in lot sizes of: 1-10 and 10-100; In addition our location give us advantages in tax and labour expenses, so we can offer unbeatable pricing.

Free demo part!

A free demo part of your component could be delivered in very short terms (two days to one week). That way you can get sure for the final look and specs before releasing official order.

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